Anantam Hair Revival Serum Moroccon Argan Almond & Bhringraj ( 50ml ), Shikakai & Bhringraj Mild Hair Cleanser 100ml Free

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Anantam Hair Revival Serum Moroccon Argan Almond & Bhringraj, 50ml

Discover the power of our Hair Revival Serum packed with the benefits of the Moroccan Argan Almond & Bhringraj. Rich in vitamins A & E and a host of antioxidants, Argan Oil is an elixir for hair that helps repair split ends, making them more manageable. Bhringraj helps foster hair growth while Fenugreek seeds strengthen and moisturize the scalp, keeping dandruff and flaky skin at bay. This non-greasy serum makes for a perfect leave-in conditioner.

Shikakai & Bhringraj Mild Hair Cleanser, 100ml

A long kept secret for lustrous hair, Shikakai & Bhringraj are clinically proven to promote hair growth and improve overall hair and scalp health. This gentle conditioning formula cleans the scalp while nourishing the hair follicles, leaving your hair feeling softer and manageable. A natural solution for hair thinning or breakage, this mild cleanser also removes any visible signs of dandruff and flaky scalp making hair naturally thicker over a regular use.

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