According to Ayurveda, your Vikruti (current state of health) changes as the seasons change while your Prakriti (yogic DNA) never really changes. Just as Winter makes way for the Spring, your eating habits alter and so does the moisture content of your skin.Hydration and exercise are essential to ensure a healthy transition into Spring. And while a luxurious body butter may be the perfect solution for hydrating your body,keeping lips moisturized to weather the environmental changes is equally important. Your lips don’t have sebaceous glands, so their ability to self hydrate through saliva is limited, and therefore it becomes essential to apply lip balm daily (and especially at night) while also ensuring that you drink at least 2 liters of water every day.When buying a balm, look for ointment-based products containing ingredients like Shea butter, vitamin E or beeswax that not only create a barrier against dehydration but also fix the chapping by intensively moisturizing the lip surface from within. If you’re a chronic lip-peeler, you might want to keep a safe distance from products with additives like menthol, camphor, eucalyptus or cinnamon. While you may enjoythe initial tingling sensation that these cooling ingredients impart, with regular use they only make chapped lips worse.Always avoid the temptation of peeling your lips! Instead apply some organic almond or coconut oil, allowing them to heal and moisturize. Follow it up with a gentle exfoliating lip scrub. You can easily make one at home too with some sugar and olive oil. Rinse, pat-dry and re-apply the balm or oil on lip surface.The Mandarin Orange & Olive lip balm by Mantra provides instant relief against chapped lips during change of seasons. Shea & Kokum butters blend seamlessly with the natural oil of Olive to protect lips from cracking, while leaving a sweet lingering fragrance of the Mandarins.So while you enjoy the bounties of Spring, don’t forget to put on some balm!

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