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Mantra is an initiative of the Baidyanath Group, a name synonymous with Ayurveda since 1917. The Baidyanath Group has the unique distinction of producing the largest range of Ayurveda products in the world through its 10 GMP-certified manufacturing plants. It is emboldened by the Baidyanath Research Foundation (BRF) which continually strives to source the purity and potency of nature’s offerings and enrich them with this 5000 year old wisdom. BRF cultivates naturally grown herbs from the Himalayas to the central plains of India. It validates its Ayurvedic treatment methodologies through world class research institutes and establishes pioneering quality-driven manufacturing techniques.

Mantra has evolved considerably since its inception. While the original tried and tested formulas remain, the products have been steadily improved upon to increase efficacy, enhance the purity of ingredients and minimize or eliminate chemicals.

While still a personal care product, the Mantra range has a very high percentage of active Ayurvedic herbs which when formulated for specific purposes have shown great promise in addressing those concerns. Every product in the range is a unique experience – a journey towards true beauty.


Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing encourages spending time amidst nature to rejuvenate the mind and the soul.

Nature is therapeutic and has the power to heal, nourish and transform our body and the mind.

Mantra is a restorative skincare brand that embodies the teachings of Ayurveda, and believes in curating simple and natural products that are rejuvenating and empowering. Healing through nature is not only safe but it also awakens all your senses to make you more self-aware. Our ingredients are consciously handpicked for their unique medicinal and healing properties to help restore skin’s natural youthfulness and vitality.

Anantam, our timeless range of luxury skincare products is inspired by the beauty of nature, and uses cold pressed oils and 100% natural ingredients to help you age better. All our ingredients are ethically sourced and packaged sustainability to ensure least environmental impact.

Featured article

Amazing product to use for cuts and burns after shaving. Really soothes the skin and helps with the burning sensation and provides hydration

- Aditya singh

I love this combo must have in your beauty care regime, specially after sun exposure. Totally worth buying & gives you instant results.

- Simar preet kaur

I have been using this for product for six weeks now. Cleared out my acne and old acne marks are lesser too now.

- Manhar bedi

I always faced problem with my oily skin and large open pores, I also use it for removing my makeup and it removes better than a miceller water.

- Sonu Thalia

My skin looks radiant and has an instant glow after applying this serum. I use it on alternative days in the morning. I have seen visible changes in my skin. Absolutely love the texture as it is not sticky and feels very light on the skin

- Shweta Dhoundiyal

Earlier i was skeptical in buying this product but i gave it a try since i am using Mantra herbal gel & face pack and it is good, works for my skin. My skin would breakout into rashes after using retinol but wasn’t the case with this product.

- Kalpana sharma

This Sunscreen hydrated my skin and feels so smooth. Light weight and gets quickly absorbed in my skin. It does not leave a white cast and is not sticky.

- Suman

I love using this Mantra Herbal pack when my skin is looking dull and tired. The jasmine & aloe combination really helps to brighten my complexion. It's perfect for giving me that radiant glow. Worth the money.

- Geeta

I love the products & packaging also gifted the facial kit to my friend who is now regularly using it. Skin feels hydrated and glowing. Can see instant results!!

- Anjali saini

I buy this product while I am traveling to goa and for my face, body & hair. Product work best my first experience with mantra herbal was good will try more.

- Shalini

Dry & falling hair were troubling me for a long time till I started using Mantra's hair care range. Their skin care range is also a hit! A big thanks to Mantra Herbal for making my dry skin supple at over 70 years!

- Kiran Sarin

My hair feels thick & nourished EVERY time after I use it, I really feel my scalp drinks it up. I would highly recommend this oil to everyone!

- Chaitali

I've only used Mantra herbal products through my entire pregnancy and it has been a bliss for me! Some of their products are also a staple in my makeup kit. Would definitely recommend.

- Chandani malik

The suncream is so lightweight and non-greasy! It doesn't show up one bit on the skin, this is one of those products i would definitely keep repurchasing!

- Khushi Kalra